Oracle License Audit Protection

Whether you have received the Oracle audit letter or just want to be prepared for when you do, we can ensure you are Oracle License Audit Ready.

It is no longer a case of “if” but “when” you will receive a license compliance audit from Oracle. SureDatum can help you to get ready for the audit. We ensure that:

  • All the oracle products deployed in your company are found and correctly measured.
  • Any compliance risk is known in advance and the commercial impact identified.
  • Your team are made aware of the actions needed to mitigate or eliminate the compliance risks.
  • You know exactly what information is being shared with Oracle LMS and how they will interpret it.
  • Our Oracle License Audit Protection Service is designed for companies that have received an Oracle audit letter or are worried about their Oracle license position should they receive an Oracle audit letter.

We know that time can be of the essence in these situations and we can work with you and your team to quickly gather and analyse the important data. We are data source agnostic and can work with any data you may already have rather than starting from scratch.

Our Process follows the following steps:

  • Determine the sources of data available
  • Augment existing data sources as required
  • Review Oracle Contracts and establish Entitlement position
  • Analyse Data sources to establish Oracle product deployment and usage
  • Highlight compliance gaps
  • Recommend Remediation strategies.



Provides you with confidence that you understand your Oracle position and have a plan to ensure compliance.

Delivered Fast

Because we are specialists in defending Oracle audits. It is what we do every day. We have developed tools, process and a team that can quickly deliver a successful resolution. This may be particularly important if your company has limited time or resources.

Early Warning

You will know if you have an Oracle compliance risk before an auditor does, giving you time to correct the problem or significantly reduce the risk and cost.

License Experts

You will have access to Oracle license experts throughout the process. Our team consists of ex-Oracle auditors and technical analysts who know what evidence Oracle will look for and how to interpret the outputs for scripts. Our Oracle license experts also understand the various license agreements and how to use certain wording in your favour.

Less work for you

Because an audit is not a normal part of your business and is rarely planned for, we can resource, tool and manage the project end-to-end. This reduces the impact on your team allowing them to focus on revenue generating activities.

Oracle Independence

Unlike many of the Oracle license advisors in the market we are independent of Oracle, we are not trying to sell their software. Our independence also means we have the freedom to present other options to eliminate any compliance risks.

Oracle License Services

Identify and Resolve Oracle License Risks, Reduce License Costs.

Ensure you are Oracle License Audit Ready & Compliant.

Maximise the Return on Investment from your Contract.

Highlight areas of inefficiency & create strategies to save on Oracle license costs.

Correctly negotiate, manage and certify an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement.

Understand license costs and potential savings of any large transformation project.

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