Oracle Data Centre License Optimisation

Whether it’s to reduce a compliance gap or free up Oracle licenses, we can help you optimise your deployment of Oracle products in the data center.

Every organisation has disparate deployments of Oracle. Some are in virtualised environments, others in legacy physical machines and others still in modern database appliances. SureDatum’s tools and processes work with your team to identify your database strategy and highlight where databases are deployed inefficiently.

SureDatum’s Data Centre Optimisation service identifies opportunities for reducing the Oracle licenses in use, ensuring you buy only when you need to, and free up license for use on future projects or to cancel Oracle license agreements. We work with your teams to highlight areas of inefficiency and create strategies to save organisations millions in Oracle license costs.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you running Oracle and Non-Oracle workloads on the same physical hardware?
  • Are you running Weblogic and Oracle Database on the same physical hardware?
  • What is the ratio of virtual to physical cores in your virtual environment?
  • Are options and packs consolidated onto specific hardware or spread across disparate physical servers?
  • Are you using Oracle Hard partitioning, CPU pools or CPU pinning to minimise the licensable Oracle Processors?


Maximise Value from Your Oracle Investment

We can guide your team to deploy Oracle products on optimised infrastructure so that fewer licenses are required without impacting performance.

Enabling Oracle capacity for Business Growth

We drive efficiencies in your environment that free up licenses for future projects avoiding the need for additional Oracle software purchases.

Increase Oracle Compute Efficiency

Migrate workload from less efficient legacy processors to newer higher efficiency cores and so reduce the licensable cores required.

Don’t overpay for Oracle

Database and Weblogic products are licensed separately so if they share 50 cores, you pay for 50 Oracle database Processor licenses and 50 Weblogic Processor Licenses even though the available compute power is only 50 Processors. Similarly, non-Oracle workloads could be consuming your Oracle Processor Licenses.

Oracle License Services

Identify and Resolve Oracle License Risks, Reduce License Costs.

Ensure you are Oracle License Audit Ready & Compliant.

Maximise the Return on Investment from your Contract.

Highlight areas of inefficiency & create strategies to save on Oracle license costs.

Correctly negotiate, manage and certify an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement.

Understand license costs and potential savings of any large transformation project.

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