Oracle Contracts Review

We give you confidence when entering new contracts, renewing existing agreements and cancelling or replacing older ones.

Oracle contracts and agreements can be complex. Both the important definitions and what you are entitled to are not always clear. It is also not clear what the impact will be on your business if there are changes in the corporate structure.

It gets more complicated where special agreements like Unlimited License Agreements (ULA) and Pool of Funds are involved.

We can help you get an understanding of your Oracle contracts so you can negotiate more advantageous agreements for your business, identify support agreements that can be cancelled and maximise the value of any substitutions or updated agreements.

Decisions around the future of your Oracle license contracts can have significant impact on your options and flexibility over time. We deal with 100s of Oracle contracts every year and have seen various tactics employed by Oracle that may seem on the face of it to be a great deal, but as circumstances change they may not offer the value they once did. If you are contemplating any significant restructure of your Oracle contracts, we recommend you get expert advice. So many times we arrive too late when the real costs of certain agreements become clear.

The following are examples of events which we would recommend seeking advice.

  • Unlimited License Agreements (ULA), Signup, Renewal, Exit.
  • License novation on company merger or acquisition
  • Pool of funds
  • Contract consolidation
  • Contract cancelations
  • Proposed metric replacement e.g. Named User to Processor based license.
  • Cloud contracts and license trade-in


The benefits of our Oracle Contract Review services include:


Confidence that you understand the implications of particular decision and contract changes.

Maximise Value

Move forward with confidence that the decisions you make will ensure maximum long term value for your organisation based on advice from the Oracle licensing experts.

Negotiation Support

Oracle have a large team that do this for a living. Make sure you have someone in your corner looking out for your organization’s interests.

License Experts

You will have access to Oracle license experts throughout the process. Our team consists of ex-Oracle auditors and technical analysts who know what evidence Oracle will look for and how to interpret the outputs for scripts. Our Oracle license experts also understand the various license agreements and how to use certain wording in your favour.

Less work for you

Because an audit is not a normal part of your business and is rarely planned for we can resource, tool and manage the project end-to-end. This reduces the impact on your team allowing them to focus on revenue generating activities.

Oracle Independence

Unlike many of the Oracle license advisors in the market we are independent of Oracle, we are not trying to sell their software. Our independence also means we have the freedom to present other options to eliminate any compliance risks.

Oracle License Services

Identify and Resolve Oracle License Risks, Reduce License Costs.

Ensure you are Oracle License Audit Ready & Compliant.

Maximise the Return on Investment from your Contract.

Highlight areas of inefficiency & create strategies to save on Oracle license costs.

Correctly negotiate, manage and certify an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement.

Understand license costs and potential savings of any large transformation project.

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