Data Centre Change Modelling

Through our change modelling services, senior management understand the license costs and potential savings of any large transformation project before the investment is made.

Business change is constant. Sometimes initiated by you and sometimes thrust upon you. When IT change is occurring, it is important to consider the implications on software spend. You may be considering moving Oracle databases to the cloud, consolidating your data centres or implementing a hardware refresh program. With software spend accounting for a significant percentage of overall IT spend, it is crucial to understand how any potential change could impact your effective license position and consequent licensing risks and costs.

Whatever the change, Suredatum provide change modelling services that help customers understand the implications of the change. Applying big data analytics technologies to large amounts of data from disparate sources within your organisation to help make informed decisions on an integrated data set.

We work with our customers to develop and model future state scenarios and understand the implications before embarking on change. As well as modelling the future state, we also add value during project implementation to ensure the change is having the expected licensing impact.


Validate scope of change

When you are about to make significant changes to your IT environment there are many stakeholders and many different sources of data. By using our models, which represent both the hardware and software being affected, you can clearly define scope and easily validate it with all interested parties. It also allows for easy discussion of the scope as you have a visual representation of the changes.

Know the cost of change

Our change models directly links license metrics and licensing rule to the hardware in scope for change. This means you can see the financial impact of hardware changes before they are executed

Model Move to Cloud

What is the true cost of moving systems to the cloud? We help organisations model their current infrastructure and then evaluate proposed models, including the different cloud options. This allows IT to evaluate the different cloud options more accurately and with greater confidence.

Oracle License Services

Identify and Resolve Oracle License Risks, Reduce License Costs.

Ensure you are Oracle License Audit Ready & Compliant.

Maximise the Return on Investment from your Contract.

Highlight areas of inefficiency & create strategies to save on Oracle license costs.

Correctly negotiate, manage and certify an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement.

Understand license costs and potential savings of any large transformation project.

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